Acer circinatum (Vine Maple)

A Pacific Northwest Favorite

Vine Maple is a common understory shrub.  It can reach heights of 20 feet or more if grown in the shade, but a more common height of around 12-15 feet is the norm.  Vine Maple can be grown in full sun or shade but fall color varies with the level of sun.  Plants grown in full sun will often turn a brilliant red in the fall, but some leaves may scorch around the edges when grown in full sun.  Plants grown in the shade will turn yellow in the fall.  Soils can be from moist, but well draining, to dry and rocky.  You will see vine maple growing in the wild on top of lava flows and also along springs and seeps so you can see it can handle a wide variety of soil types and light conditions.  Please contact us for pricing and availability

Sold as: 

 One gallon single stem or multi stem, 3 gallon single stem