Pacifc Northwest Native Shrubs

Our Pacific Northwest Native Shrubs are sold as seedlings, liners, and larger container sizes.

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Acer circinatum (Vine Maple) - Shrub maple that is perfect for the landscape.  Beautiful fall colors in yellow, orange, and red.

Amelanchier alnifolia (Serviceberry) - White blooms in the spring followed by dark purple edible berries.  Excellent bird attracting shrub.

Arctostaphylos columbiana (Hairy Manzanita) - Evergreen shrub with reddish bark and light green, hairy leaves.  Wonderful landscape shrub for dry areas.

Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (Kinnikinnick) - Excellent evergreen ground cover for dry areas.  Pink bell shaped flowers become bright red berries adding winter interest.

Ceanothus sanguineus (Red Stem Ceanothus) - Important big game browse.  Fragrant flowers with red stems.  Drought and heat resistant.  Needs well drained soil.

Ceanothus velutinus (Snowbrush) - Evergreen shrub with dark green, glossy leaves.  White flower clusters make it attractive in the landscape.

Cornus sericea (Red Osier Dogwood) - Wetland shrub with clusters of white spring flowers followed by white berries.  Red leaves and twigs add fall/winter interest.

Crateagus douglasii (Douglas Hawthorn) - Thorny shrub or small tree with white flower clusters giving way to dark purple berries.  Excellent wildlife shrub and great for hedges.

Gaultheria shallon (Salal) - Low growing evergreen shrub with dark green leaves.  Urn shaped white/pink flowers give way to edible purple berries.

Holodiscus discolor (Oceanspray) - Graceful arching shrub with showy clusters of timy white flowers.  Nice landscape plant.

Lonicera ciliosa (Orange Honeysuckle) - Attractive orange flower clusters on a twisting vine.  Attracts hummingbirds.

Lonicera involucrate (Black Twinberry) - Fast growing all shrub.  Yellow flowers and dark purple fruit important for wildlife.  Prefers moist sites.

Mahonia aquifolium (Tall Oregon Grape) - Tall evergreen shrub with shiny leaves.  Showy yellow flower clusters give way to purple berries.  Birds love them.

Mahonia nervosa (Dull Oregon Grape) - Low growing evergeen shrub with showy yellow flower clusters.  Birds love the purple berries.

Oemleria cerasiformis (Indian Plum) - Small white blooms and pale green leaves appear in early spring.  The purple fruit is a bird favorite.

Philadelphus lewisii (Mock orange) - Wonderful, fragrant white blooms make this a great landscape shrub.  Likes it sunny and is drought tolerant.

Physocarpus capitatus (Pacific Ninebark) - Attractive wetland species with white flower clusters and unique seed heads.  Nice arching branches.

Purshia tridentata (Antelope bitterbrush) - Important plant for big game and upland game birds.  Very drought tolerant with yellow flowers.  Valuable for stabilizing dry banks.

Ribes aureum (Golden Currant) - Attractive shrub with fragrant yellow flowers and fruit that attracts wildlife.  Looks great in the landscape.

Ribes cereum (Wax Currant) - Early pink blooms and interesting foliage make this an excellent landscape plant.  Very drought tolerant.

Ribes sanguineum (Red Flowering Currant) - Early spring blooming shrub.  Showy pink to red flowers are impressive.  Great food source for hummingbirds.

Rosa gymnocarpa (Baldhip Rose) - Small flowered native rose with wonderful pink blooms.  Important food source for many animals.

Rosa nutkana (Nootka Rose) - Large pink blooms are the trademarks of this sun loving rose.  Makes great wildlife habitat.

Rosa pisocarpa (Cluster Rose) - Clusters of pink blooms are impressive.  Sometimes as many as 20 in a bunch.  Great for wildlife.

Rubus parviflorus (Thimbleberry) - Excellent for erosion control.  Large leaves and white flowers make it an attractive plant

Rubus spectabilis (Salmonberry) - Excellent for streamside erosion control.  Attractive flowers feed hummingbirds and the berries feed other wildlife.

Salix lasiandra (Pacific Willow) - Tall willow that loves sun and moisture.  Great for erosion control and wildlife habitat.

Salix scouleriana (Scoulers Willow) - Shrub or small tree that grows in upland type areas.  Grows in drier areas and is important for wildlife.

Salix sitchensis (Sitka Willow) - Common sream bank willow.  Great for erosion control and wildlife habitat.  Requires moist areas.

Sambucus caerulea (Blue Elderberry) - Tall shrub with long arching branches with white flower clusters.  Purple fall berries are a favorite of birds.

Sambucus racemosa (Red Elderberry) - White flower clusters int he spring with bright red berries in early summer.  Birds love them.

Spiraea douglasii (Douglas Spirea) - Showy pink to red blooms on a tall spike.  Likes moist areas and is great for erosion control.

Symphoricarpos albus (Common Snowberry) - Excellent wildlife shrub.  White puffy berries are important food for many wintering birds.  Nice landscape plant.


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